TGM Premium Grade PTFE/Fiberglass jackets are constructed to combine durability and flexibility, providing an advantage over traditional “fixed” silicone jackets. They have excellent abrasion, tear, and puncture resistance. This superior product is light-weight, impervious to most chemicals, stain proof, moisture resistant, and cleans easily. These jackets are filled with purified E-Glass fiberglass insulation providing excellent reduction in the transmission of heat. All PTFE sewn jackets incorporate Velcro™ hook and loop for easy fitting and removal. For high temperature applications Velcro Hi-Air™ hook and loop is used. The easy installation and maintenance of these jackets is ideal for access-restricted places such as gas lines. Our PTFE insulating jackets are rated for ambient temperatures up to 220ºC and are available for ¼” to 8” diameter lines.