• USB Serial Communication Port
  • Pass Through Power
  • Two Individual, isolated SPST SSR Relay Contacts
  • Visible Alarm Status Indications:
    Red, Green, and Amber LED’s
  • 90VAC Input Minimum
    250VAC Input Maximum
  • Relay Contact Volatage:
    AC/DC 250V, Maximum 500mA
  • Pass Through Line Current:
    16A Max Continous
  • Frequency:
    50Hz, 60Hz, (400Hz By Request)

Our active Relay Interface Module provides in-line active relay alarm output functionality and serial communications connectivity (via USB) for our SMART™ Controller system. Used in conjunction with one or more SMART™ Controllers, the Relay Interface Module has two dry contact SSR outputs capable of indicating a variety of programmable condition states which includes both positive – good and alarm type outputs. Programmed before delivery for a specific application, or field programmed with application software, the Relay Interface Module extend the functionality of the SMART™ Controller system to systems requiring integral alarm monitoring and external programmability

Initial One-Time Setup
  • Temperature Set Point
  • Hysteresis Band
  • Alarm Set Point and Alarm Actions
  • Visual LED Indicator Lights
  • Blink Me Commands
    (Identify High Alarm/
    Low Alarm)
  • Power Up Systems Test
  • Data Logging