Established in 1988, TGM Incorporated is a manufacturer of critical thermal management sub-systems and components for semi-conductor, laboratory, and research applications.

About Us

The Company

All of our products are precision designed and manufactured in Richardson, Texas .

TGM Incorporated offers a complete range of standard and custom UHV component heaters, heater jackets, and temperature controllers. We provide solutions for both upstream process applications and downstream effluent management.

  • Our innovative products utilize less energy and provide our customers with a decisive advantage in their respective markets.
  • We have delivered quality, reliability, and innovation for over 30 years. Challenge us with your application!
  • Service distinguishes TGM from other component heater manufacturers. We partner with our customers sharing process expertise to provide the ultimate solution and for the desired application.

  • Together with our strategic partners, we provide expert process consultation, warranty and aftersales follow up.

Example: Process Issues

Exhaust or Foreline restrictions can lead to serious process issues upstream. It not only makes the Process Tool unavailable to manufacturing but can be detrimental to semiconductor Device Yield and Performance. It affects:

  • Uniformity – leading to variances across the wafer surface and wafer-to-wafer.
  • Particles – can fall on the wafer surface leading to electrical issues downstream.
  • Blocked Etch – particles which fall on the wafer surface die prior-to, and during the process killing the IC.
  • Recombination – polymer on the process chamber walls can unbalance the process by having excess etchants present.


Non-Heated - Clogged after two weeks of Process  


Heated - Clear after 4 months of Process  

Benefits and Features of Heating

  • Provide a system of custom-heated, removable insulation jackets designed to meet your specific needs for controlled heat.
  • Senses and controls the pipe temperature.
  • Covers have a well-insulated core that is 'Cool to the Touch’.
  • Use an ultra-clean silicone jacket that is durable and waterproof.
  • The low-profile jumpers are constructed using military type connectors that are extremely rugged, and moisture resistant when mated.


  • Each heater jacket has built in over-temp protection to prevent any run-away condition.
  • GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters) with 5mA trip are standard and built into our multi-zone control cabinets and cord set model is used with single zone units.
  • Exterior surface temperatures standards exceed the SEMI S2-93, ASTM C1055, and the US Navy MILSPEC-769 guidelines.
  • All heaters are ETL Listed #4003145 ANSI/UL STD 499.




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Richardson, TX 75081


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